Editorial policy

The origin of every marketing document

When one sets up a company, one must write up – at least implicitly – his editorial policy.
Thus the “editorial policy” is the founding concept of any company or institution; it is the origin of every marketing document.
The editorial policy is the initial description of the company’s activity in its matrix expression, in the entrepreneurial ideation from which the foundation of its products and services emerges.

Thus, the editorial policy, although its definition can even be drawn and written up by a third-party marketing agency, is peculiar to the management of the company (or institution) in question and under its intangible responsibility.
Therefore, it is this management that takes it on as the rules that must be followed not only from a productive point of view but also from an organizational one. Furthermore, it is by following this policy that the management obtains – by definition – its rights and its essential purpose.

The positioning, the activities, the products, the services, the expertise and the structural organization of the entire company or the institution consequently ensue from the editorial policy.
Since the markets evolve, the editorial policy must also change and progress.

The two first marketing documents that ensue from it are, for communication, the Editorial Charter and the Graphic Charter.

The Editorial Charter and the Graphic Charter both ensue from the editorial policy