Procedures to reach a beautiful adaptation (translation rewriting)

Every, truly every, connotation of the original in the target languages

To tell the truth, it would be pleonastic to use terms like adaptation and translation rewriting, because a translation is supposed, by definition, to render every connotation of the source language (and geomarketing) in the target language and geostyle.
However, since the translation culture is generally still very absent in the professional world, clients are (justifiably) anxious about the multilingual results of their orders: they therefore supply very detailed descriptions of the desired services.

Adaptation or translation rewriting

Afraid of receiving “literally” translated texts, loan translations or, as often said, dictionary-based translations, clients hastily make sure that the multilingual agency offering its services to them has understood the nature of the work to be performed. Furthermore, they also fear unfaithful and eccentric transpositions that debase and unhinge the marketing positioning of their products/services and businesses or institutions.

Marketing faithfulness in target texts

The original text always contains all the motivations that the multilingual work must faithfully render in the expressive forms of the target texts (called adaptations).
It seems obvious that any real translation is an adaptation with the specific characteristics of even morphological faithfulness.
Naturally, this faithfulness must be obtained in total stylistic perfection. In order to eliminate any, even suspicious, impression of translation.
Ideally, both texts, put side by side, should not even be identified as being the source and target texts.

The different characteristics of the target texts regarding the source text

Often, clients need to emphasize or introduce missing or even expressly neglected concepts in the source text.
In this case, a briefing (sometimes also a debriefing) should be supplied to the account or the translator-copywriter so that he perfectly understands the client’s concern. This briefing can also be written.

Translation rewriting: between faithful translations and inventive copywriting