Multilingual Advertising

Why is it that advertising and the agencies that produce it throughout the world have entered into a state of irreversible crisis?

There are two main reasons:

  • Firstly, whilst communication has become global and multilingual, agencies have instead remained monolocalized in a single country.
  • Secondly, because creative capacity has become dissipated, even within the client companies, whilst ad people have continued to overestimate their creativity and maintain their high prices.

The most recent economic crisis rendered these two contradictions completely antagonistic: clients have changed and now claim to provide communication that is truly close to their products and services. But above all at a moderated price.

The drastic innovation is the multilingualism of communication for multimarket targets.

Eurologos began to glocalize in the mid-1990s and this process is still continuing today.

Eurologos Group: glocalization for effective multilingual and multimarket advertising

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