The Brno office of the EUROLOGOS Group was founded in the second half of 2010. It was set up by a group of enthusiastic young people who did not hesitate to apply their experience gained from studying to the real business world.

They established their headquarters in the second largest city of the Czech Republic - Brno. This town lies in a strategic location, near the border with the Slovak Republic and Austria.

Due to the long shared history of the Czech and Slovak Republic, many experts and native speakers of Slovak live and work in Brno. Our office is proud to have these exceptional people as our colleagues and thus we are able to deliver excellent texts in Slovak language too, as if it were our own.


Antonín Crha
General Director

+420 515 544 414
+420 515 544 413


Hana Crhová
Quality Control

+420 515 544 414
+420 515 544 413