Eurologos-Brussels is the Head Office of the Eurologos Group founded in 1977 and currently composed of a score of operational offices on four continents.
The foundation of the international Eurologos network is based on the Californian principle of “glocalism” dating back to the 90s: a contraction of the words globalisation and localisation that indicates the essential double principle ensuring multilingual quality. Indeed, if one does not have as many operational offices situated in the countries of the target languages as languages promised to the clients, one can speak neither of linguistic nor of graphic quality.
The Brussels Eurologos branch proudly declares that it can only produce and validate the three national languages: Dutch, French and German. For any other languages and geo-styles, we state that we are technically illiterate (even if we possess in-depth knowledge). This is why, for any foreign language to Belgium, the production must be validated by our glocalized offices: situated where the languages, but also the geo-styles, are spoken. This is even less expensive! It is absurd and very costly to produce, for example, Chinese in Paris and Spanish in Brussels!

The “secret” of the Eurologos linguistic quality?
It is not a secret: the glocalisation of its production and, above all, its on-site validation.
In its own offices across the world.

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Franco Troiano

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