Technical translation as an integral part of products and their competitiveness

Printed communication is increasingly specialized and multilingual. The conquest of new international markets is first the matter of translating what we call the company technolect into the languages of these target markets. The entire technical patrimony, all the commercial know-how, all the marketing and advertising knowledge, in short, all knowledge management of each company must be carefully translated and validated in order to make the products/services for sale competitive and attractive. In the era of globalization, this is the prerequisite for successful exporting. The terminology and phraseology specific to the company - generally accumulated and refined over the years - should be multiplied by the number of languages (and their geo-styles) corresponding to those in the target markets.

The task is not an easy one: any amateurism or approximation leads to terrible and especially costly failures.

Translations in fact form an integral part of the products and services and often even constitute a major competitive factor. Moreover, their quality essentially depends on the quality of terminology and phraseology glossaries validated in advance.

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